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Why you should read this blog

31 Jan

This blog is about how to be a practical creative, ie: someone who can successfully make a living from their ideas.

Consider it a resource for the young and the restless, for future media producers who refuse to believe that journalism–whether it be with photo, video, or the written word–is dead.

Since I’m a freelance photographer/journalist, it’s going to have a heavy focus on being a creative in the media industry. Since I’m young, it’s going to be from the perspective of someone who is getting their first footholds in a rapidly changing industry. That said, some content will definitely be applicable across creative fields.

Posts will range from insider interviews with established creatives that have fully broken into their industries, to the bare brass nuts and bolts that are crucial to knowing how to run your business. I’ll cover questions like, how do I know how much to charge prospective clients for work? to what is fair use and how do I make sure my work is protected under copyright law? 

Have a question you’re not sure how to answer? Send it along and I’ll do my best to find one. Chances are other young creatives have it as well. This blog is about community and camaraderie and conversation that pushes all of our work to higher levels. Traditional pathways into the industry aren’t there, but that doesn’t mean routes in don’t exist.

Want to know more about me, or my personal work? Check my website, or just ask.